Benefits of Paying Cam Models for Private Cam Sessions

It’s Friday night; you’re horny but with no place to go. I’m sure it’s happened to you some time because it’s sure happened to me! Fortunately, there’s always my loyal computer on my desktop waiting for me. I sit down, go to my favorite naked cam site, and get ready for some fun.

There is no shortage of naked cam girl sites to visit, and thousands of models to chat with. I used to visit mostly free live sex chat sites, hoping someone would notice me and at least blow me a fucking kiss, but I was usually ignored. That’s what happens when you’re a cheap stake. So one day I decided to take the plunge and bought some virtual currency, or tokens, as they are called at almost any adult video chat site. All I can tell you is that it was such a difference I couldn’t believe it!

private cam shows

Cam models are not charity workers. They are not hosting online show and shoving a cucumber up their pussy just because they are bored. They do it because it is a way of earning cash, and if they are good at it, they can earn a lot. That’s what you need to understand, this is a business, and any business without money coming in would never be able to work.

That is tokens come in. They can be used to gain access to more interaction with the performer. In the camming world there are several types of webcam shows you can watch. The most common ones are public chats. You enter the model’s chat room, along with hundreds, if not thousands of other people, and watch the show. At some places you can chat with the webcam girls and the other members; at other you can’t. Even if you can, your nickname’s color will alert her that you are just a freeloader and she probably will pay no attention to you.

As you buy tokens, your nickname gets a new color. Some sites even change it to different shades as you buy more and more tokens. Its like Vegas, where people with five bucks get to sit in the corner playing slots, while the whales get a VIP section and cute waitresses make sure they are happy and well served. In the cam world, you spend tokens, you get attention.

But what use is it to get a bit of attention while 100 other members are typing all sorts of stuff? It’s like being in a zoo! What if you are really into that cam model you just found? You’ve checked out her profile, seen her pics, and read about her fetishes and kinks. She is the perfect match for you, and wish you could have her all for yourself and get rid of all those bozos. That’s when you should move on from a free adult video chat to a private sex chatroom.

private cam shows

There are two types of private chats. The “private” only allows you, and no one else, to chat with the model. It is your chance to fulfill your fantasy and ask for that special thing you’ve always wanted to see your girls on cam do. However, other members can still get a part of this action. They can pay for a “voyeur” session, and watch everything the model does. The only restriction is that they can’t chat, so 100% of the performer’s attention is focused on you.

What if you don’t want this? What if that model is so perfect that you want her just for you and no one else? If you think of it by a business point of view, getting rid of all those voyeurs that are paying to see the show will hurt the model’s earnings, so she needs to make it up some way. That’s where “full private” – also known as “Exclusive” –  shows make their entrance. As long as you’re willing to pay a premium price, there will be no one else watching the model’s performance but you.

Once you’ve tried a private chat session you’ll wonder why you never did it before. I remember one night when I was browsing one of the best cam sites. Just a usual evening, moving from one cam to the next, until I found a couple of cam models that caught my attention. Now, I am a fan of lesbian shows and love skinny girls with small tits. These two webcam girls were just perfect for me; beautiful, sexy, skinny blondes playing with each other. So I sent in a few tokens, trying to get their attention. I asked them to suck each other’s tits, but my request just got lost among all the ones being made by everyone that was online. “Kiss ass!”, typed one guy; “finger that pussy,” typed another. It was like trying to have a conversation with someone while a 32” subwoofer is pounding right next to you.

private cam shows

I decided to move my girls to a private sex chatroom, and wow! It was worth every cent I paid. Once you have their full attention, once you feel like you are in control and notice that they are eager to satisfy you, things get even hotter.  It was one of the best chat sessions I’ve had in a long time, and I am now a member of their fan club, so I get regular discounts for private shows.

If you’re thinking about having a private cam session with some host, don’t think it twice. Just go for it, believe me, it is totally worth it.