Is Cam to Cam Sex Considered Cheating?

We’ve all noticed how cell phones and computers have changed our way of socializing. Meetings to sit down at a nearby Starbucks to have a coffee, and even long talks over the phone, have been replaced by email, online chats, and virtual messages. As internet access expands and more people have access to it, the average time spent online has increased year by year. And with this, having sex on cam has become a replacement for the real thing.

Cam to cam sex is a feature that has been added to almost every cam site out there. It allows people to interact with each other without having any physical contact. The typical affair that started at work and then moved over to some seedy motel has now transformed into being able to turn on a webcam and log on. Some consider those acts as “virtual infidelity,” and it causes many divorces. But is it really cheating?

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If there is not an actual person near you if all you are doing is looking at someone on a screen, are you being unfaithful to your relationship? If you look at it objectively, sex on cam can be beneficial to certain individuals. It can relieve some of the stress that usually associates with sexual encounters, and produce a sense of security for insecure people.

However, even though there is no physical interaction, when you start divulging your secret fantasies or fetishes to someone on the other side of the screen, instead of sharing them with your partner, it probably means that your relationship isn’t really that stable. It simply doesn’t fulfill your needs and you should take a moment to analyze if this problem can be fixed.

Women usually feel more threatened by this kind of activities. They feel emotionally betrayed. Men are more concerned about real, physical encounters. But these gender differences are lessening and starting to even out. The Internet is opening new ways of exploring sexuality, and this includes infidelity.

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One advantage of cam to cam sex is that you can be whoever you want to be. Fantasy plays a huge role in this activity. Concealing your cam sessions is easy. As long as you delete your browser history and delete any incriminating emails it is quite difficult to track what you are doing. There aren’t any hotel receipts or dinner bills. And there is also that sense of anonymity. People feel more comfortable performing all sorts of intimate acts because they feel that the relationship is not real, it only exists in cyberspace.

Pros and Cons of Cam to Cam Sex

Cam to Cam sex can be an enjoyable experience. As with many other activities, it has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Safety – No STDs. No Pregnancy. No traveling to hidden locations with the risk of being roofied.

Easy and Convenient – As long as you both have your computer and webcam ready, you can get it on. You can choose your partner according to your taste, with no need for foreplay or previous seduction.

Gaining Confidence – If you think you are not a sexy person, you are wrong. With thousands of people online, there will always be someone there that thinks you are hot and shares your sexual interests.

Being Selective – With such a huge number of possible cam models, you can get to be as picky as you want. If the performance isn’t turning you on, just move on to another cam.

But, of course, there are cons, and these can be quite significant.

Addiction – All these cam models available to fulfill your fantasies can turn you into an addict. This can stop you from doing other activities, from eating to sleeping, and instead spending as much time on the webcam as possible.

Broken Relationships – Not only your romantic relationship, but also with family or friends. As cam to cam sex starts to turn into an obsession, you lose interest in hanging out with real human beings.

Unsatisfying Sex – Partners in the cyber world can fulfill almost any fantasy or fetish you may have. When you try to get back to the real world, sex can be unsatisfying. That dirty talk and hard spanking you enjoy on your cam to cam sessions might not be well received by your sexual partner.

Being Classified As A Cheater – The main con of cam to cam sex is ending your relationship because your loved one thinks of cam to cam sex as cheating.

As you can see, the question of if cam to cam sex is considered cheating is not one that you should be answering. It should be answered by your loved one. If he or she thinks it is, then… are you willing to risk it?