Why So Many Young Adults Are Turning Towards Webcam Modeling

It’s Wednesday. Almost 12 o’clock.  While the sun outside burns down mercilessly, inside Gina’s room the A/C is on full blast while she is getting ready for work. The bed is neatly done, and on the nightstand, you can see a wide assortment of sex toys. Kegel balls, vibrators, dildos and more.

Gina is ready. She sits on the bed; her webcam turns on, and she is live. She stops being Gina; now she is Kinky Girl 4U. Gina is a webcam model, performer, or host, depending on the website she uses. She performs free web cam sex shows, usually from her house, but the possibilities are endless. She can take the webcam with her and play in a car, at the office, in the woods, or wherever she wants to.

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For many of us, just the idea of appearing on camera can be nerve-racking. But what if you could earn some money doing it? And not just a few bucks, if you’re good at it, you could earn way more than a regular 9-to-5 job. That’s why the camming industry has blown up in just a few years, with new sites popping up every day. And that’s why many people are trying to find out how to be a webcam model.

The camming industry isn’t selective. It isn’t elitist. It doesn’t matter if you are a man, woman, gay or trans; if you are skinny or use extra-extra large shirts; if you are young or old; hairy or shaved. There will always be someone interested in you who will find you attractive.

Live nude cams have substantial traffic. The best webcam sites can get millions of visitors every day, which allows cam girls to have thousands of users watching their free sex chats. This means money, and lots of it. Cam sites generate millions of dollars, and a nice chunk of it goes to the cam models. This is because the money generally doesn’t come from subscriptions, but rather from tokens or tips that viewers give which allow them to interact with the performers. The website collects these tips and then distributes them to them.

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This payment structure, and the possibility of working from their own home, in a safe environment, without physical contact with other people, makes models think of camming as simply satisfying the voyeuristic needs of other people. They do not interpret what they do as prostitution. Cam models don’t need pimps or protectors. They think of themselves are digital therapists, consorts, or virtual performance artists. Many of them haven’t even told their friends or family that they are involved in this business and dedicate only their spare time to camming, using it as an extra income source.

The advantage of being a webcam model is that you don’t have to call in sick, you decide your work days and hours. Even if you’re sick you might be able to earn some tokens. Many models have suffered through the typical flu season and hosted shows in their kitchen while sniffling, with people sending in tips and wishing them to get well soon.

A lot of people go to free porn cams hoping to watch some hardcore stuff, but this is not always the case. Camming offers what traditional porn can’t: conversation and interaction. Fans love the possibility of having a model look directly at the camera while they are replying to something they typed.

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The camming industry started many years ago, but it still hasn’t reached its peak. There are many features being introduced every day. Virtual Reality webcams, for example, are slowly gaining popularity, with sites like Alicex or CamSoda featuring live nude cams that attract people by the thousands.

Internet modeling, or camming, is here to stay. Being able to make and sell porn from their own home, while deciding when to work and when to take a day off, has made this a lucrative and popular profession. Models with a large fan base can make in an hour what most people earn in a week, and some have Amazon-like wish lists where fans can go and buy them things. Unlike other sex workers, cam models work independently, usually in a safe place. Young models can use this money to pay for college tuition, instead of busting their back for minimum wage.

The best way to understand cam modeling is by hopping onto a site and giving it a try. Who knows, you might be the next featured cam girl and end up having thousands of devoted admirers at your feet.