OkCupid Review

OkCupid is one of the most mainstream and popular dating sites online. We’re providing you with an honest and unbiased OkCupid review so you can decide whether or not this is one of the best dating sites for your needs. We’re going to cover the main aspects including pricing, amount of users, ease of use and more.


With over 1 million app installs per week and over 30 million active users, OkCupid has set itself apart as one of the top dating sites online. When writing this OkCupid review, we installed both the app and we used the online version. We were very pleased with both platforms. Everything goes smoothly, the app never crashed and the website platform is incredibly intuitive. This makes for a much more enjoyable experience.

OkCupid Pricing

One of the most important things to consider when searching for information about OkCupid or even other sites like OkCupid is the pricing. You want to ideally pay the lowest price possible in order to find love. OkCupid hits it on the nail with a 100% free dating environment. However, OkCupid does have paid membership plans available for those who wish to upgrade and access better or premium features.

Free version gives you access to all the features you need in order to find love, but some features are limited.

$9.95 per month is the preferred membership plan for users who wish to upgrade their account.

$34.95 per month gives you unlimited access to everything, ideal for people who take online dating extremely seriously.

While many online dating sites offer a free version, the OkCupid free version is truly complete. This allows you to remain a free member at all times without ever having to upgrade. If all you want is to find local matches without all of the bells and whistles, this is a great option for you.

OkCupid Matches

One thing that truly impressed us while writing this OkCupid review was the quality of the matchmaking tools. They use highly advanced algorithms to connect with you people that are very likeminded. You won’t find low quality matches here and most people get along great with the first few people they message.

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Once you fill out a few tests, questionnaires and forms, you will be on your way to finding love. The key is to fill out the questions with as much honesty and accuracy as possible. The more honest you are when filling out your own OkCupid dating profile, the better the results will be. Trust me, the results at OkCupid are far superior than many other dating sites, plus it’s entirely free to use!

OkCupid Profiles

The profile areas at OkCupid take the online dating experience to a whole new level. As usual, you can fill out a description of yourself, upload photos and mention what you’re looking for. That’s the basic of all the best dating sites online. However, at OkCupid, there’s a fun tab called “The Two of Us”. This tab lets you compare your questionnaire results with the person you are viewing. You can quickly see how much you have in common and how your minds think alike (or not).

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Final Thought

After performing a full OkCupid review and taking a look at all of their features available, we place this online dating site among some of the best. It’s fairly simple to use, has a beautiful design layout and the general feel is amazing. You will find a ton of matches who live nearby, no matter where you live. Plus, their extra features such as “The Two of Us” really make OkCupid attractive. However, the best part about OkCupid is the entirely free to use platform, which is one of the top reasons you should check out their website right now!

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