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WellHello is an online dating site that has a primary focus on finding local flings and local swingers. We spent hours testing out this adult hookup site to see whether or not it’s truly worth using. Our verdict is that WellHello is one of the best dating sites online if you’re into casual sex without any strings attached. However, if you’re searching for true love, don’t expect to find it here.

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Finding users on the WellHello dating site is a true pleasure. It’s an easy to use dating site, so you can rapidly browse through tons of profiles within moments. WellHello also has numerous search filters that you can apply in order to narrow down the results even further.

WellHello Pricing

Just like most adult hookup sites, membership comes at a price. This is to be expect from the best dating sites online. However, they keep their prices rather affordable, allowing you to finding local singles seeking fun without overspending.

$1 for 24 hours is their cheapest membership plan. This allows you to have a full WellHello trial period without spending a huge amount of money. It’s great for newcomers who want to see what it’s all about.

$29.95 per month is the best plan to choose from if you want to hookup with local strangers, but don’t feel like paying for a full year. This price is highly competitive with all of the other adult hookup sites out there.

$119.40 per year is their largest membership plan. If you’re certain that you will still be hooking up with strangers on a regular basis 12 months from now, this is the ideal plan to choose from. This is also the greatest plan available for swingers, who are already in a relationship and know they will continue enjoying swingers nights months down the road.

While WellHello offers no free plan, their $1 per 24 hour period is a highly attractive offer. It gives you unlimited access, so you can find local singles and really make the most out of their dating site platform. We recommend this option to start off with, then choose a larger plan moving forward.

WellHello Features

Their features are really enjoyable to use. WellHello has a beautiful interface with numerous features such as a great instant messaging system, excellent profile areas and much more.

wellhello features

One of the best things about WellHello is its full compatibility with computers, tablets and mobile phones. This allows you to bring WellHello with you on the go. Whether you want to find a quick fling in a new city or even if you want to chat with your friends from your phone, this dating site makes it possible.

Final Thoughts

Overall, WellHello is one of the best dating sites online. We had a great time writing this WellHello review and we were able to find tons of locals who were seeking hookups and swingers events. Whether you’re a couple or even if you’re a single who’s looking for some fun, you’re really going to have a great time using the WellHello dating site!

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